Should I Get a Flu Shot Right Before my Cosmetic Surgery?

This is a question that I really wish I heard more often. Patients are bombarded with everyone telling them they HAVE to have a flu shot. And, you don’t even have to talk to your Primary Care Physician anymore to get one, you can get one at Publix or your local pharmacy…just walk in, stick your arm in the window…thank you, now go get your groceries. When I was in training and fresh out of medical residency, the flu shot was for the very old and the very, very young…now if you have skin, you are told you have to…

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Liposuction: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Summertime: it is most people’s favorite time of year, but with trips to the beach throughout the season, a lot of people have been concerned with excess weight… and the phones are alive with patients asking about liposuction. There are as many types of liposuction as there are surgeons, it seems – and just like surgeons, not all are created equally. Laser assisted, cryolipo, and CoolSculpting® are all techniques that claim bigger, better, faster results… but for a lot more money. Fortunately, the technique that works the best in my opinion, is still the least costly: traditional tumescent liposuction, even…

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Holiday Special

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