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How Many Cosmetic Surgeries Can I Get at Once?

With all of the plastic surgery options available today, many individuals interested in cosmetic enhancements are curious about improving more than one treatment area. If so, they may wonder if it is possible—and safe—to combine multiple procedures at once. In general, it is possible to undergo several plastic surgeries at the same time, and certain procedures are actually frequently performed together. That said, if you are considering coupling procedures, there are several factors to keep in mind, which our Atlanta plastic surgeon—Dr. Thomas Lintner—has outlined below.

Overall Health

A thorough evaluation of your health will be needed prior to making any decisions. This is completed to ensure you are a safe candidate to remain under prolonged anesthesia and that your body is equipped to handle the recovery period after surgery. There are a number of health concerns that would not allow for extended surgery, including high blood pressure and asthma.

Treatment Desires

It is important to know that not all cosmetic procedures can be performed together. During an initial consultation, your surgeon can provide guidance on whether your goals can be realistically achieved during a combined surgery or if multiple procedures will need to be planned at different times. Here are some of the most common plastic surgery combinations:


When combining multiple procedures, it is normal to expect a longer—and potentially more complex—recovery period. That said, many patients prefer to consolidate their recovery into one prolonged period rather than undergo multiple smaller procedures with separate healing timelines. Your surgeon can provide personalized insights into what you can expect from the recovery process during your consultation.

Ultimately, when it comes to combining procedures, your safety and wellbeing should always be the primary concern. For those who are interested in undergoing multiple procedures at once, selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon with the necessary experience performing these complex surgeries is often essential to achieving a safe and successful outcome. Dr. Lintner recommends taking the time to learn more about your prospective surgeon’s qualifications and reputation to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the treatment process.

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