Can Blepharoplasty Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

If your eyes look tired even after getting a full night’s sleep, you’re not alone. This is a common concern for many people as they get older. The upper eyelids tend to sag over the years, and the lower eyelids may form bags and dark circles. The combination of these effects of aging create an overall droopy-eyed look. While this is typically just cosmetic in nature, these issues can make some men and women feel self-conscious, like they never fully look like themselves. There are numerous treatments on the market promising to waken up tired-looking eyes for a fresher, younger…


Will Pregnancy Change My Body Forever?

Although there are many changes that happen to a woman’s body as a result of pregnancy, not all of these changes are necessarily permanent. For example, some women may notice their feet seem slightly larger after they’ve had a baby. This is usually related to the swelling that occurs during pregnancy, so most women’s feet will go back to normal over time—but some women may actually have to go up a shoe size, moving forward! Other common physical changes include stretch marks, changes in breast size and appearance, and excess skin in the abdominal region. Pregnancy is no small feat…


Will I Need to Replace My Breast Implants?

Although most patients who have had breast augmentation surgery are satisfied with their results for many years, it is possible that you may wish to replace your breast implants after a while. However, the reasons for choosing to have breast revision surgery are varied and can include: Capsular contracture Implant rupture Switching from silicone to saline (or vice versa) Increasing implant size Decreasing implant size Removing breast implants A common misconception is that breast implants need to be replaced every ten years. The reason behind the confusion is likely due to a report released by the U.S. Food and Drug…


FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone

The FDA recently issued a warning to caution against the dangers of injectable silicone for cosmetic enhancement. Although silicone breast implants and other similar medical devices are FDA-approved to be placed inside the body for cosmetic use, it is dangerous to have the substance directly injected. According to the FDA warning, silicone can cause several health risks if injected, such as permanent disfigurement, tissue damage, ongoing pain, stroke, and death. In some cases, patients have unknowingly been injected with silicone—these patients were led to believe they were receiving an FDA-approved dermal filler, such as JUVÉDERM®. The individuals performing these unsafe…


What to Expect for a Tummy Tuck Recovery

tummy tuck recovery

After deciding which type of tummy tuck to have, understanding what to expect during the recovery process is an important next step. When planning for this procedure, patients should consider every angle; from the day of the surgery, to the end of the recovery. A safe and healthy healing process is what our practice strives to educate our patients on, enabling them to be as prepared as possible. Most individuals are able to return home shortly after surgery, but we recommend taking one to two weeks off from work, school, and/or other daily activities—although this can vary based on individual…

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