Dr. Thomas Lintner advises rhinoplasty patients that the goal of their nose surgery is to achieve facial balance. Dr. Lintner does not believe that there is one perfect nose that will fit every one of his patients. Instead, he works with his rhinoplasty patients to design a nose that will complement their other facial features.

Patients interested in rhinoplasty have several options available through Advanced Aesthetic Surgery. Many times patients do not need to have their entire nose redone. Dr. Lintner will help rhinoplasty patients decide which part of the nose should be altered through surgery.

At Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, patients considering rhinoplasty can get a sneak preview what their new nose will look like through the use of a “morphing” program. We utilize this software to ensure that we are on the same page with the features that the patient wishes to change. We take a photograph, upload it, “morph” the photos then Dr.Lintner can better discuss your concerns as well as tell you what can not be corrected, if that is the case.

This was all around an excellent experience for me. I appreciate the help of the entire staff. Thank you!
F.C. Facelift Patient, Woodstock GA

If you live in the Atlanta, Marietta, and Woodstock area and are considering rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Thomas Lintner today. His expertise in the field of facial plastic surgery and his passionate focus on patient care can give you an outstanding rhinoplasty experience.

*Individual Results May Vary