Dramatic Weight Loss

Whether you lost your weight with the help of Bariatric Surgery or through strict diet and sweating it off in a gym, first and foremost you should be very proud of your accomplishment! Putting your health ahead of everything else is something everyone should do more often. Now, the harder part. You have spent months if not years trying to improve your overall shape and are finding no gym in the world can undo stretched skin or lift sagging breasts. According to some of our patients at Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, this can be as frustrating as losing the weight in the first place. Our plastic surgeon in the Woodstock and Marietta area partners with you to make a comprehensive plan for restoring you to a better shape, keeping in mind that we can’t do everything at once and still do it safely. If you have had Bariatric surgery, we will also work with your surgeon, ensuring that you are optimized for our surgery from a medical standpoint.

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