Tummy Tuck

Skin can become stretched due to pregnancy or weight gain. In addition, older patients may find that their skin has lost some of its elasticity over time. Fortunately, skin laxity can be corrected through plastic surgery. Dr. Thomas Lintner offers patients in the Woodstock, Marietta, and Atlanta area exceptional abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery. During a personal consultation, Dr. Lintner discusses the abdominoplasty options available to meet individual patient needs.

Despite what you find on the internet, not all “tummy tuck’ procedures are the same. There are many different options for recontouring the abdomen.Dr. Thomas Lintner meets with patients to address the differences between full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and panniculectomy. Since the length of recovery time, the cost, and the amount of scarring can vary among the three procedures, Dr. Lintner wants to ensure that each patient decides upon the appropriate procedure for his or her individual needs.

I am very pleased with the whole experience of my surgery. I appreciate each and every one of you at Dr. Lintner’s office. Your professionalism and the fact that I felt truly cared for were very important to me. Thank you.
K.R. Tummy Tuck Patient, Rosewell GA

Tummy tuck patients who plan to lose a lot of weight should postpone abdominoplasty. Women who expect to become pregnant in the future should also wait to get a tummy tuck. The weight loss or pregnancy will cause the skin to stretch and sag and an additional abdominoplasty may be required.

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