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Do Breast Implants Get Hard Over Time?

When breast augmentation with implants is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Thomas Lintner, MD, the procedure has a very high success rate. Patients who had previously been unsatisfied with the lack of volume or symmetry in their breasts typically find implants have restored a sense of confidence in their appearance. What’s more, high-quality breast implants can last for decades, all while looking and feeling soft and natural. 

That said, breast enhancement surgery, like all cosmetic surgeries, does come with its share of risks. Sometimes due to less experienced surgeons performing a patient’s initial surgery, many women come to Dr. Lintner with a desire to remove, replace, or reposition their implants. In some cases, they complain of a hard or sometimes sharp feeling in the breast, which may indicate a complication known as capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture

Although it is a rare concern, capsular contracture should not be taken lightly. Thought to be caused by the body reacting to a foreign object, the condition is often characterized by an abnormal hardening of the scar tissue surrounding the implant. Professionals generally recognize four levels of severity:

Thankfully, Dr. Lintner offers a viable solution for patients experiencing capsular contracture: breast implant removal surgery with or without new breast implants. Using either an open capsulotomy or the en bloc capsulectomy technique, in which the implant and capsule are removed simultaneously, Dr. Lintner can reverse the cosmetic concerns mentioned above and significantly reduce any discomfort. 

Furthermore, those worried about developing capsular contracture should keep in mind that it is an exceptionally rare condition, affecting less than 4% of cases. In addition, Dr. Lintner is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, and always weighs the risks of complications for each patient before moving forward with treatment. 
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