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Do Larger Breasts Cause Sagging?

It is common for many women to experience breast ptosis, or sagging in their breasts. This process is typically very gradual, impacting women over a period of time. Often an unwanted side effect from the natural aging process, sagging in the breasts can also be worsened by a variety of other factors, including weight fluctuations, genetics, past pregnancies, excess exposure to the sun, and a habit of smoking. Another factor that may cause premature sagging or drooping is the size of a woman’s breasts.

More specifically, larger breasts can cause more significant cases of ptosis for women, due to the increase in volume and weight. However, women with smaller breasts will likely still experience sagging over time, but the effects should be much less severe. While it may seem like a bleak outlook for women who have larger breasts, there are several methods to counteract and mitigate these effects of the natural aging process.

How to Slow the Effects of Breast Drooping

Women with larger breasts who are more prone to experiencing breast ptosis have several options to remedy their cosmetic concerns. Wearing supportive bras, designed to keep breasts in an ideal position, can help thwart future sagging. Using bras that are crafted for support during exercise is also key to eliminate extra pull and strain on your breasts while you are moving around. When women exercise, ligaments and connective tissues can be extended and stretched within their breasts, so any extra support can help reduce future issues. Going hand in hand with exercise, dieting and maintaining a healthy weight can help you avoid fluctuations in your overall size that may add to potential sagging.

If natural, traditional methods used to mitigate breast ptosis are not enough, Dr. Thomas Lintner offers multiple plastic surgery solutions that may help, such as breast lift and breast reduction procedures. Depending on the unique concerns of the patient, these surgeries can offer cosmetic and structural correction to sagging and drooping breasts by providing a more perky appearance. For those with overly large breasts, a reduction may be ideal for removing excess tissue to alleviate associated discomfort while potentially slowing future sagging.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about breast ptosis and methods to counteract breast drooping. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lintner to determine which procedure you may benefit from the most.