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How Can Fat Be Removed by Heat?

Shedding excess fat pockets can prove to be difficult even with proper dieting and exercise. Even if you have successfully lost weight and have decreased your clothing size, you still may be fighting to lose the last few pounds to reach your ultimate goal. Traditionally, if strict exercising and dieting is not working, people have often turned to surgical procedures like liposuction, among other treatments, to meet their needs. However, if you wish to avoid surgery, looking into how fat can be removed by heat may be in your best interest.

At Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, our team offers a method known as SculpSure®, which utilizes heat to thwart off those annoying, extra fat cells that have eluded your weight loss regimen. This heat-based fat loss method requires little to no time away from your regular activities, exercise routine and work schedule. SculpSure® is highly regarded and Dr. Lintner proudly offers it at his Atlanta-based practice.

How It Works

SculpSure® utilizes unique light technology that was crafted to eliminate fat cells by specifically targeting pockets through the skin. This process is very precise and leaves the untargeted, surrounding skin unaffected and unharmed. There are various non-surgical options when it comes to fat removal; however, this heating method does not require suction techniques on the outside of the body like other treatments call for. SculpSure® utilizes an innovative plastic frame that is customized for each patient. This appliance holds the applicator paddles in a stable position and is able to single out the desired areas.

While SculpSure® is a heating technique, a cooling effect is also implemented to aid the patient’s comfort during their procedure. There is little to no discomfort with this procedure other than a mild warming sensation that is a telltale sign that the treatment is working effectively. The fat cell pockets should slowly reduce in size until eliminated after the heating method has destroyed the cells.

If you want to know more about non-surgical fat reduction treatments like SculpSure®, contact us today!