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What Causes Uneven Nostrils?

Uneven or asymmetrical nostrils are a much more common issue than most people realize. They can be a particularly frustrating problem for patients to face, as they can be the source of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Worse yet, they may be associated with a number of functional concerns, some of which can cause discomfort or complicate normal breathing patterns. 

Tom Lintner, MD, our board-certified plastic surgeon, has reduced both the appearance of uneven nostrils and the unpleasant physical symptoms that often accompany them in many patients throughout his career. In his experience, uneven nostrils are usually the result of one of these causes:

Thankfully, Dr. Lintner is often able to reduce the appearance of uneven nostrils and similar issues with rhinoplasty. He addresses each rhinoplasty case with the intention of restoring symmetry to the face and producing aesthetically-pleasing results. For more information about uneven nostrils or the benefits of rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lintner today.