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What Will My Scars Look Like After Breast Reduction?

If you suffer from overly large breasts, you may feel inhibited when participating in a variety of activities, experience regular back pain, and feel self-conscious wearing certain types of clothes. Breast reduction surgery can reduce your breast volume to a more proportional and comfortable size while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape, typically helping you diminish or eliminate the discomfort associated with large breasts. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, understanding how the operation works and the how the scars will likely appear can allow you to make a well informed decision about the procedure.

Assuming you want a breast reduction alone and not one that includes the use of breast implants, the incisions typically will be placed in several locations, including around the areola, down the front to the fold line, and horizontally along the fold line. Together they may give the appearance of an anchor. While the scars will never become invisible, they do tend to heal nicely and become less noticeable. I strive to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible; however, most women report they don’t mind the scars and instead are delighted with their smaller, shapelier breasts. You can see examples of this procedure in our breast reduction before and after gallery.

If you request less breast tissue removal and desire fuller, rounder breasts, I may recommend the use of breast implants. In this case, your incisions may be smaller. I will discuss this option with you, if necessary, during your initial consultation.

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