February 2013

Breast Implant Selection Atlanta Marietta Georgia

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: I present to my patients that we can put in either option and it’s purely their decision. If they ask me which is a better implant, I would say silicone feels more natural and looks more natural. You can go a little bigger and still look better.
We tell patients come in with an open mind, if they’re afraid of the implant silicone or saline then they shouldn’t get it. We follow our patients for their practice lifetime. That gives them confidence that we feel confident about the implant they are using.
Silicone implants cost more than saline and some patients choose purely on price. If they want an implant that feels like a real breast, saline implants tend to feel more like a water balloon. Silicone tends to feel like a real breast. And so patients can feel them, they feel each implant in the office and they can choose whichever they want.

Choosing Implant Size Breast Augmentation Surgery Atlanta Georgia

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: We strongly urge patients to think a lot about size as we size you by height, weight, chest width, chest height. We size you in the office with a bra on. You’ll try different sizes and you narrow the range of implants we use on you. And the last way we tend to size patients is with pictures, it’s nice to know that we’re both on the same page. If a B to me is a B to you, that’s good. But if you think a B is really a C plus, then we’re not going to be on the same page. So we usually use pictures a lot to determine what size breasts you want to have.

Atlanta Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

DR. CHARLES LEE: When patients arrive at the hospital, once they are checked in through the appropriate preoperative clinics, they will meet their anesthesiologist who will thoroughly review their chart, answer any questions that they may have about their procedure and their anesthetic plan.  And once Dr. Lintner has met with a patient and done the appropriate preoperative workup, the patient will be offered a sedative, if necessary, to alleviate any discomfort or anxiety that they may have about their procedure.

Unlike outpatient surgical centers and office-based operating rooms, which may be limited by space and personnel, having your procedure done at the hospital affords you personal nursing care in the recovery room as well as a timely discharge.

We at Kennestone will never discharge a patient just to create another spot for the next patient.  Your discharge will only occur when Dr. Lintner, your anesthesiologist and yourself are ready to go home.

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Atlanta – Dr. Thomas Lintner

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: Trying to decide between an augmentation or a lift is not so difficult.  You have to look at the nipple position to decide where it needs to be.  If the nipple is in a good position equally weighted between the upper and lower breast then you need only augmentation.  If it’s below that then you need a lift.  And sometimes we use the implant to increase the size and sometimes we use it to just shape the breast and then lift the nipple and that involves generally more incisions, more skin removal and that is sometimes disconcerting to a patient.  Sometimes they’re thinking I only need augmentation and when we see them they actually need a lift.