January 2009

Plastic Surgery Anesthesiology Atlanta Marietta

DR. CHARLES LEE: There are several components to a general anesthetic and your anesthetic will be tailored, individualized for your personal needs.  Patients might wonder what are the advantages of having their procedure done at a hospital.  It is well known in the medical community that the most challenging and difficult cases are to be performed at the hospital.  This is with the understanding that at the hospital you can have the highest level of medical expertise and supervision and it is this that Dr. Lintner and I feel that all patients deserve.  Our staff is composed of the finest anesthesiologists and anesthetists who are all board certified.  So they can be reassured that they will be receiving the highest quality care.

Plastic Surgery Patient Education Atlanta Dr. Thomas Lintner

MS. LIZ LINTNER: When you come in for your consultation you will be greeted by Cora, who will take your information.  Rachel or myself come and greet you, take you to a room.  We’ll go over your medical history just to make sure that everything, you know, if you were to proceed to surgery, were safe.  Briefly talk about your goals and expectations for surgery, why you came, what your concerns are and then we’ll introduce you to Dr. Lintner.  At that time he will discuss surgical procedures, incision sites, recovery time for the things that you said you were interested in.  And then at that time he’ll excuse himself, we’ll let you change, if that’s pertinent to your procedure.  He’ll come back in, do a real quick examination, get dressed again and then you get to meet with Sabrina who will discuss financing and scheduling your surgery.