January 2009

Concierge Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Atlanta – Dr. Thomas Lintner

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: Our practice employs the concierge concept without the fee. Concierge implies that you get excellent service and excellent care and it’s available 24 hours a day and we provide that by giving our cell phones to the patients so they can contact us anytime. It’s a great way to practice medicine and patients love it.

Personalized Plastic Surgery Care Atlanta Georgia

MS. LIZ LINTNER: The reason I hold people’s hands when they go into the OR is because it is a cold sterile place.  It is a place that people don’t typically go to everyday, it’s unfamiliar and I try to make it a little bit more comfortable for them.  It’s just really cool to have somebody that you know, other than your surgeon, you know, saying yeah, well that white stuff they’re giving you it may burn a little bit, but that’s the good stuff.  There’s your cosmopolitan coming right now.  Let’s pick out a good dream.  A lot of the breast aug patients go to sleep talking about bikinis that they’re going to buy.  I had a patient talking about a wedding dress that she was not going to have to have altered.  I had a patient whose breast implants were her birthday present, so we had, you know, myself, the OR nurse and the scrub tech in the room singing happy birthday to her and she told me when she came back for her post op that that’s all she remembers about being in the OR was us singing happy birthday.  I just feel that you wake up how you go to sleep and if you’re very comfortable and you feel safe, then you will wake up very calmly not in a lot of pain, not scared, and that’s why I hold people’s hands before they go to sleep.