January 2009

Facelift Surgery Atlanta Patient Experience

DIANE: When I decided to have surgery, I did want to look around and research, you know, the doctor that was the best available doctor to work on my face.  So I did ask some of my colleagues and some friends of mine and people that had had plastic surgery and some hadn’t used Dr. Lintner and their responses and their care wasn’t anything like the people that had Dr. Lintner as their doctor.  So that led me to at least come and have a consult with Dr. Lintner and then from there on I felt very comfortable for him doing my surgery.

People that are coming to get, you know, plastic surgery done are very nervous about it and they are so good about taking all the time that you need, you know, to explain, you know, away your fears.

I have recommended Dr. Lintner to several of my friends, some colleagues also, you know, people that are in the family and they have all been very pleased with the surgeries that they have had and the care that they have had with Dr. Lintner and his staff.

Facelift Surgery Atlanta Dr. Thomas Lintner

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: The way I do my facelifts, they don’t bruise that much.  So they frequently look at themselves five days out from a facelift and say I look great and I can be back in the public eye in five or 10 days total from the facelift.  We pride ourselves on balance.  You have to maintain balance to prevent people from saying, oh, you had a facelifts and that’s what we do quite well.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation to discuss your options with us and see what you need and then plan your surgery based on that.