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Can Blepharoplasty Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

If your eyes look tired even after getting a full night’s sleep, you’re not alone. This is a common concern for many people as they get older. The upper eyelids tend to sag over the years, and the lower eyelids may form bags and dark circles. The combination of these effects of aging create an overall droopy-eyed look. While this is typically just cosmetic in nature, these issues can make some men and women feel self-conscious, like they never fully look like themselves.
There are numerous treatments on the market promising to waken up tired-looking eyes for a fresher, younger appearance. Although some may provide temporary improvement, the only way to achieve dramatic and long-lasting results is through eyelid surgery. Also known as blepharoplasty, this eyelid procedure is designed to rejuvenate the eye area by addressing common signs of aging. For the upper eyelid, excess skin is removed while the remaining tissue is tightened for a natural yet refreshed look. Those with concerns related to their lower eyelids, on the other hand, can have puffy fat pockets repositioned, as well as excess skin and fat removed.
Eyelid surgery may not be right for everyone, but it can provide beautiful, rejuvenating results for candidates who are unhappy with their chronically tired-looking eyes. To learn if upper and/or lower blepharoplasty can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, please contact Advanced Aesthetic Surgery to schedule your consultation.