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What to Expect for a Tummy Tuck Recovery

tummy tuck recoveryAfter deciding which type of tummy tuck to have, understanding what to expect during the recovery process is an important next step.

When planning for this procedure, patients should consider every angle; from the day of the surgery, to the end of the recovery. A safe and healthy healing process is what our practice strives to educate our patients on, enabling them to be as prepared as possible. Most individuals are able to return home shortly after surgery, but we recommend taking one to two weeks off from work, school, and/or other daily activities—although this can vary based on individual needs.

It is normal to experience some swelling and bruising after the surgery, but these side effects will dissipate over time. Any mild discomfort can be managed with pain medicine, as prescribed by Dr. Thomas Lintner. A compression garment may be recommended to minimize swelling and initiate healing. Dr. Lintner also encourages patients to stand and walk around every couple of hours once they return home from surgery, but any demanding exercises should be avoided for approximately six weeks. Sleeping in a recliner during recovery is recommended, and a pillow can be placed under the knees to improve overall comfort. The day after surgery, patients can take a warm shower.

Dr. Lintner and our experienced team are here to help with each patient’s recovery—every step of the way. Each patient is unique, so specific details regarding a tummy tuck recovery will be discussed during a personalized consultation and follow-up visit with Dr. Lintner.