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Reducing Your Breast Implant Size

In part one one this two-part blog series, Dr. Thomas Lintner discusses how he helps patients who want to decrease the size of their breast implants.

Many patients who have had breast augmentation surgery in the past may feel that their implant choice no longer suits them, and they seek to exchange their implants for a smaller size. In the media, we have seen this occur with celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, and more recently, reality star Heidi Montag. A few months ago, Ms. Montag went from an F-cup down to a C-cup, citing health issues as the reason for her size reduction. For my patients, the reason for downsizing their breast implants is usually because of lifestyle changes. In many cases, these patients had breast augmentation prior to becoming a wife or a mother, and as they mature, they decide they want their breasts to be less of the focus of who they are. Patients who participate in physically demanding activities, such as triathlons or CrossFit also tend to want smaller implants. With their active lifestyle, they tend to find that larger breasts can get in the way, so a size reduction becomes necessary.

When replacing breast implants with a smaller size, patients are often concerned about the excess tissue that can exist after downsizing. Each case is different, and the results of your procedure will depend on your skin elasticity, the implant placement, and how long you had the larger implants. During your consultation, we can discuss your options and come up with a treatment plan that can provide you with the best possible outcome.

I typically do not recommend breast implants as large as the F-cup implants Ms. Montag had prior to downsizing. However, if a patient was interested in extremely large implants, I would caution them of some potential side effects. Larger breast implants weigh more, so eventually, they may require a breast lift to correct any sagging that can occur over time.
No matter what their aesthetic goals are, I always do my best to work with each of my patients to find the right size that will create the silhouette they desire, as well as provide them with the best long-term results.

To learn more about breast implant sizes, or to schedule a consultation, please contact my office today.

Check back to our blog soon for part two of Dr. Lintner’s blog series, where he will explain how he helps patients select the appropriate size for their breast implants.