Plastic Surgery Patient Experience Atlanta Marietta Georgia

BETTY: When you get that age to have maybe 20 years taken off of your age it means everything. And the first time or two, I went out and I put on makeup and dressed up, I felt like some glamour queen.  They cannot believe when they found out my age.  You can’t be, they’ll say.  You can’t be.   No, no, tell me what you do then.

LORI: They want to know our secret.

BETTY: But the secret is he left me I think natural, natural looking.  I was so afraid I’d look like a mask, you know, at my age, but it’s natural.

ANGIE: And, you know, I think that the results speak for themselves for my mom and my beautiful grandmother.  You know they were both beautiful before, but now I have a hot mom and I have a hot grandmother.  You know so if I do opt to have cosmetic surgery done, Dr. Lintner would be definitely the doctor I would choose.

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