Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon Atlanta Georgia

CORA: With Dr. Lintner, you get 24/7 care. He is there anytime for you.

RACHEL: He talks in depth with patients about the procedures they’re interested in, making sure that they are a candidate for the procedure. MS.

LIZ LINTNER: I’ve probably worked in 10 years with 300 or so doctors. I know maybe three that even begin to touch his love for patients.

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: I did my undergraduate training at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., did my medical school at Emory and general surgery at Emory and plastic surgery at Emory also.  I can safely say that I have not seen in practice something that I have not been trained to do.

MS. LIZ LINTNER: He is here solely to improve the lives of other people.

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: It’s very rewarding to see a patient leave your office smiling and happy and glad they did the surgery.

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